I always wondered why the world loves taking pictures. Wouldn’t capturing movies be more interesting?

But one hardly sees people enthusiastic about being featured in a clip, but posing for a picture, that’s a different story altogether.
I guess, for snaps, the people are more than willing to pose, but short clips, nah, that’s somehow feels intrusive. A friend recently posted this snap on his site. And maybe it provides some clues.

I think a picture captures a moment that is so easily missed by us. We as humans are wired for movement. Something as abrupt and short as an image we cannot fathom, put in perspective. For a fact, we suffer from persistence of vision. So when we see images, I think we are curious to know what happened before / after. So it’s this unknown/mystery that hooks us. It drives our mind to build up a context to the image. And the possibilities are infinite and hence the interest in images. We try to make sense of the image, build a story around it that best reflects us. And then we hear others put their story around it and it goes on. This could never happen with the clip as it always has continuity to it and thus robs us of the mystery and hence is uninteresting. Anyways just my thoughts.

As far as this image goes, don’t you wonder who the guy was? How he guy looked. What was he thinking, what was he gazing at. Where did he come from? Is he alone? sad, happy, smiling, pensive, or just fiddling with this cellphone!

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