It’s been a year since Steve Jobs. I distinctly remember the day. It was early morning, I was on my way home, Goa. I logged on to twitter to catchup on the latest. I saw quite a few reference to Steve, and then the news. I knew at that moment that world would mark this day. We revere Michelangelo, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Lennon. Steve was one of them from our lifetimes. In any history of mankind these names shall always be there. Ofcourse, this sounds outlandish to many, but I am sure the people from Van Gogh times felt the same about him.

Every few decades the world witnesses sheer genius, those that craft the way ahead, into something profound, better for the humanity. Steve was one such genius. He saw beyond all of us! My close friend once told me that he believed that the whole of human progress can be attributed to a few hundred exceptional humans who opened doors to new possibilities. I understand what that means now. As I compose this post on an iPad, I know Steve changed the technological aspect of our lives. Frankly, I bought an iPad, and hence I am a tablet user. It would never be that I wanted a tablet, hence I bought an iPad. I attribute the whole touch interface to him. I am amazed at the way a 2 year old, is so at home playing angry birds on a touch phone. It’s truly amazing to see both a kid and a man to be addicted to angry bird.

And Apple is truly missing him. Yes, Tim Cook is a warm hearted, humble CEO that everybody wishes for. But Apple is missing the #magical bit. Apple is no more the pathbreaker, but more of refinements. No more revolutionary, more evolutionary. iOS maps debacle, unthinkable under Steve, but now acceptable for the company (an apology always helps). The new iPad and the iPhone 5 are probably Steve’s last ideas. Going forward, it’s hard to imagine magical stuff from #Apple.
And this is the normal – progressive, not pathbreaking, unless we are blessed with another genius… Maybe in the field of medicine next time around…

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