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The 2020 Election Year

My attempt to answer that important question – Will Trump win the re-election? I think No. He is up against it. He has totally mismanaged his re-election campaign, especially  the business end of it. Yes, Covid-19 & its handling is going to be his Waterloo. I think he should have reigned in his gung-ho attitude with the pandemic getting out of hand. I think his head got too big for his body. I think he let himself actually believe that he didn’t need to be pragmatic when it came to his re-election. He won in 2016 because he was an unknown entity, he was the anti-politician – brazen & unapologetic – totally unexpected of what a US Presidential nominee should be. People who voted were probably done in by his sheer audacity & political incorrectness. But now, for re-election, people don’t really need their president to be reckless, they need him to be considerate – they need him to be presidential, a leader who can rise above petty politics & showmanship. This is where Trump has failed.

But I do think, Trump has changed the Oval Office forever. A personality like his was required in this moment in time to break the status quo of how much could a politician get away with. Any right-winger is reading this, I think Trump losing this election is a good thing. Let’s been honest, right-wingers can do much better than him. And let’s face it – Biden is not cut out to be a President anyways. This is what right-wingers need to realise. If Biden wins, they must be on his case from day one. It’s potentially four years to rub it in for every liberal snowflake. Every time he goofs up & his media chums give him a free pass, it should  reignite the fire in the belly of the fellow right-wingers make them even more determined to find a new leader that will lead them back to the that office.

Right-wingers never have it easy, they shouldn’t have it easy. Four more years of a liberal facade is a nothing in a lifetime of the rightist ideology. India needed 10 years for absolute joker of a PM to catapult Modi as the PM. The same will happen in the US. Biden will inherit the most fragile society. If he can steady the nation, then fair play to him, but from what I know of him, he is more of a – ‘let me just keep low & wait for it to blow over’ type of a guy. If he can manage to project America as a strong & formidable power, it’s a net positive for the world.

As for Trump, I think he will not even bother if he loses. He goes back to being a billionaire. I honestly believe that in 2016, he just wanted to prove to himself that he could beat the system & become the President of the USA – perhaps just to satisfy his ego. From day 1, he was just enjoying the ride & the fact that Presidency didn’t change him one bit just proves that it was all about him. Policy wise, he had a basic understanding of what he wanted to do, and he made sure all his decisions were always about getting the advantage with America, typical of how most owners want to optimise their businesses.

There shouldn’t be a need to mourn his loss. Right-wingers are a smart bunch, they don’t need to settle for a Trump, they should demand much better. One must remember, ideologies forge leaders & its not the other way.

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