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A tale of 2 movies

I watch very few movies in the theatre. I guess its the whole hassle of going to the movie theatre in a city like Bangalore that puts me off. Like book a ticket, get through the traffic, pay the parking, buy the way over priced pop corns, and mostly watch a ‘oh-so-ok’ type movie. No, I don’t really need that.

But it so happened that this past week, I happened to watch two movies – one is a typical cheesy rom-com – Happy Ending and the other – Interstellar. And boy, the contrast in the movies couldn’t be greater. Happy Ending was a typical run of the mill Bollywood movie and Interstellar was just a stellar statement of what movies could be, when done the right way. The incredible world that was created by Nolan brothers just makes you take a step back and acknowledge how far we can push the limits of what can be created on a screen.

Happy Ending was just a like a packet of instant pop corn, that we get at a supermarket. Same ingredients with different flavors – for a price – pop it in a microwave and its ready to eat. it doesn’t matter the brand making it. We all know what we are going to get.

Interstellar, on the other hand, wants its audience to pay attention to everything in the movie and then at the end, it pieces together all of it to give the audience an experience that they will never forget. I did not get all of the movie, but it made me curios to know more about the dimension of time, wormhole and the threat of extinction that we could face in the future.

The big regret was that I paid almost twice for the rom-com than I did for Interstellar. I so gladly wish it was the other way.

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