D’oh Inauguration

So America and the world gets a new leader tomorrow. It will be historic day no doubt. To me, it’s also frightening how high profile Obama has become. He has achieved iconic status, and he is yet to step into the office. People seem to believe that he has come kind of magic wand… akin to Harry Potter, that he will swing, whisper a spell and make all the troubles of the American people go away the moment he steps foot into the White House. I find it surprising how humans can rally around a person or how a single person can rally such masses of people and be their only ray of hope in these gloomy times. Truly, the human emotion of hope can reach inexplicable heights.

I wonder how it will be when Obama, who promised so much, will actually get down to work, and be no different than his predecessor. Obama is not super man, super intelligent; he is just a beautiful orator. His policies will come from his team, who my guess is, no smarter than Bush’s. Infact he probably would not have even penned his speech on the day of inauguration.

Tomorrow, for me is going to be just another media hyped spectacle, which will probably bring a cheer to the people all around the world, after which they will get back to the life of economic hardships, hunger, conflicts.

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