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I am Rohit... surprise!!!You didn't really think that my name was iRohit, now did you.Well, I am in the IT industry... I know what you are thinking.. another IT guy trying to be hep by creating his own website. Well may be I am. But I want to share a secret, it tough creating your own website. I had to register a domain name, buy hosting space, which is not cheap. And last but not the least create the content for it. I am Rohit, incase you missed it. I have been working since Jan 2003. Started in Lotus Domino at one of the most renowned scientific research institute in India, National Institute of Oceanography, Goa. I worked and help improve the intranet which serves to automate most of their office workflow. I must say, it's really amazing. After about 6 months, I joined SapnaTech, and worked in Php. The reason for the job change was Sapnatech offered more safe career. And it paid more. I really enjoyed working here. This was a hard job. The clients always breathing down your neck. Initially I was screwing up time and again, but as I settled down I became an important team member. I learned a lot at SapnaTech. The most important being, the client doesn't care the level of technical skill that you put in when writing the code. If it didn't look good, than it didn't matter. Being casual meant being fired. But SapnaTech, is one of the best place I have worked at. There were some great people. We had a great team. Anurag, Ashley, Shiv. All could create magic using notepad!!! One year later, I joined Synygy in Pune as a Lotus Domino developer. Yes, I went back to Lotus again. Why you ask.. well again moving out of Goa was important, because there is not IT in Goa. I wanted to be more independent. And yes, they offered more money. Stayed with Synygy for more than two years. Did pretty well here to. Synygy, has the most beautiful intranet. And it works! I have never worked on something more comprehensive or functional ever. One could do everything on the intranet. I am very proud to have worked and contributed to perhaps a truly sterling example of what Lotus Domino can achieve for an organisation. What is required is vision and passion. In mid of 2006, I joined a startup Lightbulb Tech Partners, as a QA Engineer. A total shift. After 3 and a half years of being a core developer I decided to get into testing. Why? Well, Lotus is a great software, but there are not many companies that offer jobs. And I was not really keen to start afresh in either C or Java. So I decided to try my luck in testing. Testing allowed me to be independent of any language, platform. So far it has been interesting journey. Apart from getting comfortable with testing, working in a startup provides one with other challenges like being more resourceful, taking up more responsibility. Making things happen almost single handedly. I have learned a lot and began appreciating software testing. I do automation of web UI using Tcl. Anyways, over the years in this industry, few things I have learned, among them is always respect your customers and professionalism can take you a long way. What do you think? Is my journey interesting or do you think I am your average IT guy. You can mail me your thoughts at 'mailme @ irohit.com'. Please ignore the spaces around '@'. This is a way to avoid spammers, I hope!.