India and the Gandhis’

Interestingly, Mahatma Gandhi and the Nehru-Gandhi family are not related at all. Infact Indira Gandhi married Feroze Gandhi, Indian politician and journalist of Parsi-Zoroastrian descent born in Mumbai whereas Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu from Gujrat.
But the common Indian seems to just love this family. If ever a family came close to a royal stature in India, it would have to be the Gandhi’s. There is some invisible aura that surrounds the Gandhis’ more so today than ever before. I really am not a big supporter of their political pursuits, but I have to confess that they really fascinate me. I like that they are the only leaders that walk amongst swarms of people with out any fear. I am sure most people will have an image of Rajiv Gandhi walking briskly through villages, waving out to common people, shaking hands with sick and the poor without any hesitation or reservation. His mother did the same and now it’s Priyanka and Rahul continuing where their father left. One can only appreciate this if one tries to recollect the last time one reached out and shook hands with the poor or the sick on the roads. Or what one felt when a homeless person came really close asking for alms. I am uncomfortable even shaking hands with strangers. I still remember the day when Rajiv Gandhi’s motorcade passed by me while I was walking home after school. I actually got a glimpse of him behind the window. A few days later he was killed.
With the election in UP, Rahul has plunged himself into the campaign promoting INC. Wearing bright while kurta-pyjama, he has managed to draw huge crowds solely because he is a part of the Gandhi clan. I think this election is his official initiation into to the murky world that is the Indian politics. I definitely see him one day becoming the PM of this Indian Republic. Though I think his sister Priyanka is much more a people person than he his but than she has a family to look after, which I am sure is more rewarding and peaceful than looking after the welfare of over a billion people.

Stop! Sequels Ahead

Get ready for some of the biggest, most anticipated sequels in 2007. They are everywhere. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, “Shrek the Third”, “Live Free or Die Hard”, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”, Oceans 13 and the one I am looking forward to the most… (drumrolls) Spiderman 3.
What a line up! Off this list, four are the biggest movies ever. And all 4 have had sequels before. And all of these have not disappointed. So what can we expect this time around? I have seen the trailers and they look pretty interesting. I personally think Spiderman 3 and the POTC: At World’s End would do well, but I won’t be surprised if all do well at the box office. But what is interesting is how the critics will receive them. Not that I care a lot about it, but I find it interesting to see the movies from their perspective. They look for so much in a movie. Sometime I wonder whether they miss the most important part, which is to just relax and enjoy!
I am rooting for Spidey 3. Spidey 2 just was so brilliant. I really liked the way the story revolved around the human emotions in Spidey 2 rather than bigger and outrageous FX, like in most sequels.

Fiddling around with WordPress

Ha.. WordPress blogging tool. Seems pretty comprehensive. Seems to cater to most of the needs of a blogger. But can it handle images. We shall find out.
Nope, it needs the image to be hosted. I wish I could just upload images directly into one of tables in the WordPress data base. Less hassles that way.

ciao! launched

A revolutionary new site was launched this weekend. The launch was a very low key affair. The beta was released on Friday the 30th of April, 2007 to a few important critics, experts in the IT domain. The initial feedback was that the colours were outrageous. The particular comment was from an IT guru with more than 6 years of expertise in the web domain. But this critic when solicited opinions from his peers was surprised by the general view that the site was pleasant. Another critic, who is part of the worlds most visited web portal, was surprisingly kind to the whole launch. He was appreciative of the fact that the people behind had shown the zeal to come up with something that required a lot of effort and commitment. His generally views these people as the laziest on the planet. Another critic who is part of a global leader in information security was particularly amused by the Résumé section. He was quick to argue that money was equally as important as professionalism if not more in the IT industry. Among other opinions and view received from these carefully selected people, most were very impressed with the UI. The iRohit logo was probably the one thing that stuck out more than anything. They all found it very impressive. The team took the opportunity to thank one Asif who was the creative genius behind translating the concept into the reality.
The management was quick to implement few suggestions. The blog being one such suggestion. The feedback section allows the visitors to voice their opinions on this website. As of now the website is still in beta. It remains to be seen how this website plans to generate revenue. No clear business path has been defined for this venture. This is understandable as the team currently lacks any expertise in the financial and business domain. But the team is confident that it will succeed in whatever that they venture into. A highly placed source revealed to us that the site has secured funds to keep it afloat for a year. It remains to be seen whether this is a start of something great or is just another IT venture that is just destined to burst.